WSOP: Nik Airball Finishes 1st Without a Turn and Finishes the Main Event

Did you see a ghost? Nik Airball finishes top 3 in...

Across the hundreds of tables on the second day, one of the most impressive hands in the official report was played by one of the most open players in the US right now: Nik Airball. He made a very difficult fold to survive the WSOP Main Event.

The situation at the time was this: despite four players in the hand, the board still showed the turn card. The Hustler Casino Live star requested a table from the small blind. The big blind was Portuguese Nuno Duarte, who bet 6,000 in chips. He gets called by a UTG player and sees another fold. In response, Airball raised the stack to 17,000.

Did you see a ghost? Nik Airball finishes top 3 in...


  • Bill.bergstrom

    This text describes a notable poker player, Nik Airball, making a commendable fold in a high-stakes tournament, which helped him stay in the game. Despite the board showing the turn card and several players involved, Airball strategically folded after a raise by another player.

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