WSOP 2023 Day 10: Daniel Barriocanal loses his bracelet in a brilliant heads-up match

WSOP 2023 Day 10: Daniel Barriocanal loses his bra...

Daniel Barriocanal

Daniel Barriocanal Picks Strongest Strategies to Navigate the UnknownIncluding $1,500 for Event #15 of the 2023 World Series of Poker Day 3 of the 6-a-side tournament.

His name comes up several times in this episode, as the executioner or the discarder, but always in full force. The pot he won put him in a comfortable seat and led to the final table.

Daniel’s closest opponents were Rafael Reis and Sarah Herzali, who ended Day 2 with the chip lead the dominance of the The Spaniard lost some ground against the two favorites before disrupting the FT during the dinner break.

With food in their mouths, as they say, Reis beat Herzali for immortal value on the river to win the tournament pot. It was all going Reese’s way, but Daniel managed to concede his last two eliminations of the tournament and close in on the leaders before the heads-up fight.

Reis dominated the heads-up match and opened up a clear gap between the two teams. It was too late for him to celebrate the nearby bracelets, and when he read the punt he thought he was the winner, fear played a dire role on him.


Event #15: $1,500 6-Max

Rafael Reis – $465,501 (2,454 players)

  1. Rafael Rice $465,501
  2. Daniel Barriocanal $287,679
  3. Sha La Hazali $207,720
  4. Nicolas Angelou $151,559
  5. John Monette $111,755
  6. King Grant $83,289

Event #16: $25,000 8-a-side

Isaac Haxton – 1.698.215 $ (301 Spieler) Isaac Haxton – $1,698,215 (301 players)

Sixteen years at that fabulous PCA Open final table Afterwards, Ike Haxton officially retired from the great no-bracelet category for which he was honorary chairman for many years.

At a star-studded final table like Brian Rast, Darren Elias or Joao Vieira, The leads would alternate, sometimes with dizzying speed, as in a three-handed table, but in the end the bottle was pointed at Haxton, as the streak was such that the American had ten podiums in 2023 And get six victories.

Event #17: $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo

Jim Collopy – $262,542 (1,143 players).

“MrBigQueso”‘s third bracelet completely changed his career. This is the most extreme shift, from an online grinder to a bracelet hunter in a hybrid game. With the win, he took home 80 cash and $1 million at the WSOP, a series of milestones for the festival.


On a busy day at the WSOP, the Poker Gladiators once again gathered over 4,500 players to create the atmosphere in the Common Room , and two other races brought cash prizes for Roja.

With a $2,500 freeze, the three of us made it through the bubble that ended day one.

Javier Gómez gab mit diesel ITM sein Debüt bei der WSOP 2023, während beide Adrián Mateos und Jorge Ufano sind zum dritten Mal an der Kasse. Javier Gómez made his WSOP 2023 debut with this ITM, while Adrián Mateos and Jorge Ufano won the box office champion for the third time.

When the lottery was drawn, Justin Bonomo and Adrian came to the cashier again the night before, only this time the third part of the table was not Phil Helmus, but Jorge. The loss to Amadi made it difficult for the financier to stay in the tournament.

The difficulty of the table has been confirmed. Cool preflop against the great @Amadi_17 QQ vs AK and he got K. I abandoned him. I have 360,000 left (23 BBS) which I take to the phone booth and call 112. I’m glad he’s at least the one who took my chips.

— Jorge Ufano (@JorgeUfano) June 8, 2023

Just before the draw for the last two tables, A Derian lost a flip. That’s only a third of a decent stack and shouldn’t cause any major problems, but he hasn’t won any pots since then and ended up in 16th.

In the end, Pablo Cobo and Jose Manuel Planells used up their $1,000 PLO bonus on day 2 of Event 21, but at least they made it past the bubble period.

  • 259°. Pablo Cobo $1,602
  • 125°. Jose Manuel Planell’s $2,463

Today’s Spanish Expedition heavyweights Back in the starting lineup of new high rollers, $50,000. We won’t miss the WSOP Daily Chronicle this weekend to tell you what’s going on there.

What’s happening starting today, June 8?

Event #18: $300 Poker Gladiator Day 1CEvent #23: $50,000 High RollerEvent #24: $1,500 Razz

WSOP 2023 Day 10: Daniel Barriocanal loses his bra...


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