WSOP 2023: Andres Korn Gets Bracelet Alert In Event #19

WSOP 2023: Andres Korn Gets Bracelet Alert In Even...

Andres Korn is the only Argentinian to have both a World Series of Poker bracelet and ring. On Friday, June 9, he will attempt to become the first Argentine to have two championship bracelets.

Event #19 No-Limit Hold’em WSOP Freeze Out 2023 begins Wednesday, June 7 with 1,139 players and a $2,500 entry fee. The prize pool of $2,534,275 was distributed among the top 171 entrants.

Yesterday, the second day of play took place with 144 players remaining and Cacho started off in 14th in chips. In the end, with just 11 players left, Andres finished third with 4.7M (48 big blinds) and was eventually dismissed.

These are the 11 players still on the roster. Running:

  1. Qiang Girish Rekmar 🇺🇸 – 4.2M
  2. Timothy Miles 🇺🇸 – 3.7M
  3. Ankit Ahuja 🇮🇳 – 3.5M
  4. Ankit Ahuja 🇮🇳 – 3.5 million
  5. Adam Swan 🇺🇸 – 3M
  6. Valentino Konakchiev 🇧🇬 – 2.4M
  7. Ruben Costa 🇺🇸 – 2.1M
  8. Niall Farrell – 1.7M
  9. Byung Eun Shin 🇰🇷 – 1.4M

All prize pools guaranteed starting at $26,926 and blinds starting at $50,000 /100,000 to start. The event will continue at 12pm 🇺🇸, with PokerGO Live starting at 4pm 🇺🇸.

These prizes will be awarded at the final table:

Lots of lucky Kajo!

Photo: PokerNews

Source: WSOP. com

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