WSOP 2022 Inside the Pros (24): Adrian Mateos Returns for $6-Max $10k Event!

WSOP 2022 Inside the Pros (24): Adrian Mateos Retu...

There is no better festival in the world, Winamax camera can capture the whole process The excitement and beauty of the track is even more exciting than the World Series of Poker.

Caesars always make the pros easy on the team and it’s exciting to see them shine at the WSOP. New scene, new action, but same story at the most anticipated event of the year.

The curtailment occurred as the Americans rushed to draw up their fall 2021 schedule and then returned to summer locations. Location: The entire Winamax team competes for the gold bracelet in Las Vegas.

It’s surprising that this new chapter denies that. François Pirault’s final table in this season’s In the Mind of a Pro Event #81 has become the longest final table ever at Winamax. Plus, it’s a post-Main Event event that’s already entering the final stretch of the festival. So it seemed like an excellent way to end the season.

Well, Winamax has prepared a special treat for Spanish fans, we fear we will miss seeing Adrian Mateos, Leo Magez or Álex Romero , is competing in Las Vegas.

As it turns out, the 6-Max 10k $ is a very special tournament for Team Winamax, and the team that has made the short table a symbol of the brand in the Space Stand has been partnered with by the organization Other tournaments moved together to enhance the final stages of the festival.

The version of this tournament is going fast and we are getting closer to the price. Adrian will use a combination of big stacks and end of day. Let’s see what we can learn from him today.

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WSOP 2022 Inside the Pros (24): Adrian Mateos Retu...


  • This text seems to be promoting the Winamax festival in Las Vegas and highlighting the excitement of the poker tournaments. It mentions some notable players and their performances, suggesting that it’s an enjoyable event for fans.

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