[Video] Most Expensive Bluff in TV Poker History

[Video] Most Expensive Bluff in TV Poker History

In the exciting world of poker, where skill meets cunning to create memorable moments, there is one legendary bluff that poker fans will always remember. At the Hustler Casino, the site of the famously televised $1 million buy-in cash game, YouTuber Ethan Rampage Yau witnessed a great game and challenged the fearsome player, nicknamed Handz And is a frequent visitor to this table.

Rampage has gone from traditional YouTube user to one of the WPT’s foremost players and ambassadors.

Ethan, known for his charisma on social media and his talent. Tricks at the poker table against Handz, an experienced sharpener known for his cunning and accurate assessment of his opponents. Despite the experience and reputation gap between the two, Ethan shocks everyone by deciding to risk everything on a million-dollar bluff.

Bluff of the Year?

It all started when Yau opened with A 7 from SB to $9,000, Handz responded with only a BB call, Q Q and Pav straddled it with K 8 .

All three players see the flop J Q 10. After the first two checks, Pav bet $15,000 with his open-ended straight. Rampage raised to $50,000 and was only called by Handz.

The second round gave the Youtuber another pick and he led with $175,000, which his opponent called. The river is a 5 and from here you better watch the video below to get an idea of ​​the levels at which some players can bluff.

Would a low stakes poker player have less than two years ago, would you really want to bet over $600,000 on nothing? That’s the question Hands has to ask himself as he thinks about his move. Would he really fold with a higher set? Take a look…

The million-dollar game has been played with various guests for the past four days, and today marks the final inning. If you want to follow it and see when it’s available in your country, click the video below.

[Video] Most Expensive Bluff in TV Poker History


  • This text describes an intense poker game between YouTuber Ethan Rampage Yau and a skilled player nicknamed Handz. Despite the reputation gap between them, Yau shocks everyone by bluffing for a million dollars. The text suggests watching the video to witness the high-stakes bluff.

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