Timothy Adams ends Thorel’s prime, Juan Pardo finishes sixth in Triton Series London Main Event ($970,000)

Timothy Adams ends Thorel's prime, Juan Pardo fini...

Champion Timothy Adams

Juan Pardo finished sixth provisionally at the final table in the $125,000 buy-in Main Event of the Triton Series of Poker in London, But no progress has been made.

Maybe this is not the expected ending of “the most important final table of my career” as defined by Juan himself, but it is achievable against the backdrop of dominant quality cards Best result received in the race by Jean-Noel Thorel.

The millionaire French 500 club member knocked out Doug Polik AA against KK with KK, James Chen in his special Next on the list is Juan, the FT’s most frequently beaten hand.

As you can see from the infographic, Juan opened with KK and Thorel raised with AA. It was Stephen Chidwick’s turn and he decided to 4-bet. Daniel Cates dropped his JJ and the ball returned to Malaka’s pocket.

Jean-Noel Thorel called all-in before John could make a move. Before it was his turn to speak, Juan decided to put his KK on deck. Chidwick called the 5-bet with AK and lost two-thirds of his stack.

Malaka’s big fold didn’t get him any position, as a few hands later, Juan saw the door open, stole a stack of chips, and then KQ squeezed in together. His money was paid by a planned robber.

Guess who? Torel, of course, which hand is he holding? Ace, there can’t be anything else. Juan finished sixth ($970,000) as short-stack Lun Loon had been eliminated long before then, albeit not in the hands of the Frenchman, and thus was not mentioned.

Thorels Pairs’ performance continued with QQ against Chidwick’s 77, although he had the same information as Juan at hand, which cost him a lot of points and ICM, but it seems personally that Thorel gave Malaka the advantage and Facilitating the Spaniard’s all-in, blocking of course forced Chidwick to fold, saving him a lot of points. He missed Jean-Noel’s hand as he left the table, although he was personally disappointed that he didn’t find Pardo’s fold.

Who can stop Torrell? Not Isaac Haxton who gave him more leverage. And Dan Cates, who was eliminated by Timothy Adams ahead of HU.

The Canadian faces a chance of winning a second Triton Main Event, no matter what he is already a Jeju Island champion in 2019. The stakes were bigger than this one, $4,185,000 vs $3,513,000, and HU couldn’t have gotten off to a better start after flopping his 43 BB. High 6, hits both, and “Tim0thee” kicks better.

The two engaged in tense rounds for the 20M stack, in which Adams seemed unable to get used to Thorel’s play, as he admitted in an interview in which he spoke as the winner.

Sorrell seemed to be working his magic again and the final hand started 99-88 in his favour. Something happened all night, but the unexpected 8 came on the river. With Adams now 4bb ahead of Thorel, he was named Main Event winner.

Juan Pardo and other finalists like Daniel Cates, Lun Loon or Thorel and Adams himself are interested in the new tournament, Event #13 60k $8- Max, and continue racing until the end of the day.

All of the above were part of a group of 35 survivors from 106 contestants, a group of 70 unique players, none of whom were Juan’s compatriots.

Malaka, who is 21st, just behind Phil Ivey, will once again appear in front of the cameras of the Triton series, which will be televised from the London Casino at its usual 3:00pm time.

Timothy Adams ends Thorel's prime, Juan Pardo fini...


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