There are poker events at the WSOP and there are poker events downtown

There are poker events at the WSOP and there are p...

The World Series of Poker may be right around the corner, but Las Vegas isn’t the only place where the chips are flying. Indeed, as the days pass, the festivals pass, and the seasons change, in downtown Rosario Faces of Tradition – The tournament takes place live and offers attractive virtual offers on the online platform of Latin America’s largest casino.

Tournament starts eg every Tuesday at 6:30pm, Tuesday + $33,000 buy-in for every 20 Blinds are played once every minute, and each appointment can accommodate up to 150 players, accumulating 25,000 tournament chips. Re-enter the Championship up to level 6 with bonus parking.

Players also have the opportunity to qualify on Tuesday+Online every Sunday at 21:00. at

Deep Stack downtown

This event will be held on Thursday at 18:30 with a $43,000 buy-in, blinds per 25 feet, and a starting stack of 45,000 tournament chips; each appointment can accommodate up to 150 players with bonus parking. Re-entry is possible at 7:30pm up to level 6; it is played in one day and its structure starts with 100 small blind, 200 big blind and 200 ante.

Deep stack, Tuesday + rewards him for ranking after eight appointments. Additionally, all players in this tournament will receive points on the City Center Poker POY leaderboard. There is also an online qualifier, every Tuesday at 21:00.

There are poker events at the WSOP and there are p...


  • This text provides information about the World Series of Poker taking place in Las Vegas, as well as another poker tournament happening in downtown Rosario, Argentina. It mentions the buy-ins, blind levels, starting stacks, and re-entry options for both tournaments, along with online qualifying opportunities.

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