Taisto Janter ends 2023 with Millionaire Cash Game win

Taisto Janter,

2023 has passed, and several players will take stock at the end of March 1st to see if they are making a profit or losing money. In terms of cash game statistics, they can be found on the Statname website, which is similar to SharkScope and offers results for GGPoker, WPN and PokerStars, with Estonian player Taisto Janter being the main winner.

NLH-expert Taisto, nicknamed “SyrW_Helmets” at the PokerStars tables, had a lot of fun playing on GGPoker and won an impressive $1.4 million across 62,000 hands at NL 5K bonus.

The mysterious player operating the account “BTC200K-FORSURE” took second place with $1.3 million in 5,600 hands of PLO 40K. Wiktor Malinowski finished third with 5,300 hands and $1.1 million in prize money. It’s all here at the GGPoker table.

Also noteworthy are players “BillBull” ($939,000), Markkos Ladev ($791,000), O Konstantin ($638,000), Kevin Paque ($632,000), David Yan ($604,000), Andrew Graham “Haha” voidaments ” (WPN – $564,000) and Barak Wisbrod “iWasOnly17” (WPN – $545,000).

The other side of the coin: GGPoker’s “Zachas” ends the year as the “Hardcore” among the underdogs . He lost $5 million in October, but later reduced it to $3.1 million. The top three losers also included WPN’s “FlemSnopes” with $1.3 million and “MarsWu” (GGPoker – $823,000).

There are two names in Brazil who have left huge winnings on the online poker tables. One of them is the mysterious “El@n Musk” who played 5,400 hands and lost $402,000. This player A huge win in the Mega Millions Main Event is guaranteed, with nearly half the prize pool left. Grinder Matheus Souza loses $257,000 in 214,000 hands.

Taisto Janter,

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  • This text provides an overview of the top winners and losers in the online poker scene, particularly on platforms like GGPoker and WPN. It highlights notable players and their winnings or losses, showcasing the success and struggles of different individuals in the industry.

  • This text provides an overview of the profit and losses of various players in the poker world, specifically highlighting the success of Taisto Janter and the losses of Zachas. It also mentions notable players and their winnings or losses, including the Brazilian player El@n Musk.

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