Pablo Brito is the $1,050 Secret KO HR Champion

Pablo Brito is the $1,050 Secret KO HR Champion

As usual, the country’s mills were able to claim victory in the most important GGPoker tournament. On Thursday the 18th, Pablo Brito took the podium in the $1,050 Secret KO HR [Mystery Bounty] event for the Bounty Hunter series. After defeating 288 opponents, his bankroll reached $41,167. Pedro Padilha finished fifth, earning $39,738.

Padilla won another five-figure sum. The St. Paul native took home a bronze medal in the $2,100 Bounty Hunter Super Contest and another $15,969 in prize money.

Breno Heleno lets out a victory cheer in the $215 Bounty Hunter Super Contest. He beat out 869 entrants and took home $23,065. Breno “Computron” Bertalia lost $5,315 in the 5-player game.

Breno didn’t stop there. He finished fourth in the $525 Bounty Hunters HR [Classic] and earned an additional $19,569.

The site also found that Danilo “Olag” Gomes earned $10,019 for cracking CRAZY EIGHTS [Bounty Edition] worth $88.

Pablo Brito is the $1,050 Secret KO HR Champion

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  • This text highlights the success of several players in GGPoker tournaments, showcasing their victories and earnings. It emphasizes the skill and accomplishment of these individuals in different events, with each player earning substantial amounts of prize money.

  • This text appears to be reporting on the success of various players in a GGPoker tournament, highlighting their winnings and achievements. It seems that several individuals from the country’s mills performed well in different events, earning significant amounts of prize money.

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