KSOP GGPoker: Severo Neto is the PLO Winner

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Casual Player Severo Neto Be...

One of the smart decisions at Sunday’s KSOP GGPoker Premium was the PLO, with several big names at the final table. The person who finally came out and wrote a really cool story with it was a casual gamer. Brasilia’s Severo Neto is happy with his title.

The recreational player ran the race without pressure throughout, overtaking a formidable opponent in the final to reach the podium. Severo won the 1,500 R$ buy-in out of 85 entrants and, in addition to the famous trophy, had R$ 30,500 in his account.

Severo had a great time and didn’t hide his delight at the win: “It’s a remarkable achievement, a beauty. I really like KSOP. It’s the second time I’ve won Omaha .I won in Balneário before and now I’m winning again. It’s very good,” he said of the excited champion.

Always in high spirits, Severo was at the final table in Omaha with several big names. Marcelo Gadelha, day one chip leader Lucio Antunes and Daniel Gadotti were among those left behind. During the tournament, the heads-up opponent was professional player Gustavo Tatith, “Fincão”, a player who was fighting for the ranking of the sport.

In the end, “Fincão” won the championship. The heads-up began, but Severo never let up. With no pressure, the casual player won pot after pot, turning things around and never losing his lead. He took the win shortly after the race started and walked away with a nice prize. He spoke of his victory in a good mood.

“I’m a recreational athlete, really a recreational athlete. But we really scored,” joked the champ. Then he spoke more seriously, complimenting his opponent. “My opponent was very skilled and professional, wasn’t he? But in the end I was luckier than him,” concluded the winner. Severo also has his sights set on the rest of the series.

“I’m just here for this PLO, Senior and Main Event. Now I’m going to play the rest and hopefully win.”

Check out the final table prize pool:

1. – Severo Net – 30,500 reais2nd Place – Gustavo Tatis – R$21,0003rd place – Matias Ariel – R$15,0004th place – Leonardo Hishitoni – R$10,5005th place – Daniel Gadotti – R$7,5006th place – Rosilene Ferreira – R$5,4007th place – Lucio Antunes – R$ 4,0008th Place – Marcelo Gadelha – R$ 3,000

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Casual Player Severo Neto Be...

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