Jose Manuel Planells keeps Spain on top of PLO world number one, Sory targets Bolon

Jose Castillo

Lautaro Guerra and Ka Kwan LauDear Yes, we have the chance to repeat the heads-up deal in the SCOOP’s PLO Main Event in 2022, just over a year after one of the biggest days in Spanish poker.

Day 2 for “Naktro#91” in the $10,000 tournament and “kaju85” in the $1,050 and $1,050 editions Poor performance.


The weekend leading up to the WSOP, the World Music Festival continued to offer plenty of opportunities to shine, and ‘cesepimps’ made the most of his favorite competition That chance beat a tough group of specialists in the format, in which he shared 14 eliminations.

Just a reminder. He is not a traitor.

I warned 🤫🥇

— Jose Manuel Planells (@cesepimps) 29 May 2023

What we failed to achieve in PLO SCOOP ME Day 3 was confirmed in the three levels of the No Limit Hold’em version.

Among the top red and blue team hopefuls is Soraya Estrada, who had secured a tentative 25th spot the day before, dropping just four places, while Get rid of dozens of opponents. Now down to 39.

Same in the other two We have three other players in the denomination but lower buy-in tournament: Ramón Collillas (16th) and Vicente Delgado (6th), who will face 79 opponents in the $1,050 tournament; and “deivid29”, who is 82nd out of 157 players in the lower buy-in tournament.

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