In poker, your point of view determines everything.

In poker, your point of view determines everything...

In poker, your opinion is everything.

JMBigJoe uses the example of Bitcoin investing and risk aversion to illustrate the differences of opinion that may exist in the room.

In poker, your opinion is everything.

Get the cup. Do you think it is full or empty? It all depends on your own perspective. Learning to see the table from the correct angle can be the deciding factor in a player’s success.


You can play poker for money, for fun, or as a career. Each of them accurately represents that field of study and will ultimately shape the player’s impression.

Have fun or want to leave it all in the game? table? Here’s the gist

Pro player and coach José Mara JMBigJoe Jiménez has posted a video in which he discusses the potential of different approaches among the pros, especially compared to non-table businesses.

It presents a hypothetical situation and uses your savings to illustrate this paragraph. It’s hard to accept losing when you feel like you’ve actually won money.

He elaborates on this topic by recalling a conversation he had with a person. Bitcoin investors meet. While the latter said he wouldn’t be too bothered by losing money on such a deal, he admitted losing the same amount at the poker table might be viewed differently.

The capital represented by investment banks and casinos is viewed in very different ways.

It is often mentioned that playing poker can teach you valuable life lessons. The Spaniard guarantees that the feelings experienced in one day at the poker table are comparable to those experienced in many years of life.

He also mentioned a recent conversation he had with Raul Mestre, where he admitted that his views on poker have changed changed. Watch the rest of the video.

In poker, your point of view determines everything...

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  • This text emphasizes the importance of perspective and opinions in poker and compares it with other fields such as Bitcoin investing. The author highlights the varying views on losing money in different settings and suggests that playing poker can teach valuable life lessons.

  • Schumm.nestor

    This text discusses the importance of personal perspective and opinions in poker. It also brings up the comparison between Bitcoin investing and playing poker, highlighting the different attitudes towards winning and losing in these domains.

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