Dwan lost a US$9M pot: “He handled it like US$300”

Dwan lost a US$9M pot:

Incredible hands, wan loses $9 million pot: “He handled almost $300.”Jean Bellande introduced the game during a televised cash game, and one of his players confirmed the story.

In a recent high-stakes poker tournament on Poker, players not only played incredible hands, but also told a story Amazing story. LegendTom Dwan facingAndrew Robl Inside a million-dollar jar said to have been found eight years ago in Ivey’s room at the ARIA Resort & Las Vegas Casino. result? Robl won an impressive $9 million pot.

Andrew Robl is one of the legends from the golden age of online poker. He has won over $5 million in live tournaments.

Jean-Robert Bellande

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Robl recalls the big win with emotion, and other players were equally impressed. “It’s a $9 million pot,” Andrew added, surprising the entire table. “This is the biggest pot I’ve ever won in a cash game,” Robl said, smiling like a man who remembers such a meaningful moment.

Even the professional players at the poker table at that time, such as Daniel Negreanu, Jennifer Tilly and Stanley TangThey were speechless when they heard this story. Tang laughed and said that he thought this kind of thing could only happen in Macau. According to JRB,Dwan handled the situation like he was losing a $300 pot. He just said, “Andrew, take my chips,” and asked for a new $1 million to continue playing.

These moves have left poker fans hanging. It’s exciting to see the best grinders in the world compete against each other and share stories about situations like this, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for TV Cash Games!

Dwan lost a US$9M pot:

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