Dennys Ramos Wins GGWF Event 181-S for $76,000

Dennys Ramos Wins GGWF Event 181-S for $76,000

It didn’t take long for the country’s fans to win on Day 29 of the GGPoker World Awards. In one of Sunday’s first high roller events, Event 181-S: $1,500 Sunday Marathon, Dennys Ramos ran past 278 entrants. The Limeira ace won $76,804.

Another player with strong loan strength in this competition is “GTO DONK”. He was eliminated in third place and added to his bankroll by $43,190.

Renan Aziz was the winner of Event 179-H: $840 Crazy Eights Asia. After sending 170 players home, the Bad Time account driver took home $26,030.

Pedro Garagnani exited Event 180-S in fifth place: $1,050 Festival Kickstarter [Bounty]. 9tales members won a total of $14,473.

Also at GGWF, Gustavo Rego won a Black Medal and $10,944 in the Campaign 180-H: $150 Festival Kickstarter [Bounty].

Dennys Ramos Wins GGWF Event 181-S for $76,000


  • This text reports on the success of Brazilian players in the GGPoker World Awards, highlighting individuals such as Dennys Ramos, GTO DONK, Renan Aziz, Pedro Garagnani, and Gustavo Rego who achieved notable winnings in various high roller events. Overall, it showcases the strong performance of the country’s fans in the competition.

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