Casino turned cultural center

Casino turned cultural center

Often the opposite is the case, perhaps local or abandoned buildings being converted into casinos. However, the story of Salto in the northern province of Buenos Aires is atypical, with the former municipal casino transformed into a local cultural center.

The restoration work will include removing the existing subfloor and installing a waterproofing, plastering the entire building and repairing joists and slabs where required.

Additionally, in addition to the interior and exterior, storm drains were replaced, new grilles were installed on the patio, the window and frame opening system was repaired, and a New water storage tank. Building exterior painting.

The inauguration of the former casino.

The architecture is unique due to its style and its location one of the most emblematic of the city, in the tourist area on the banks of the Salto River in the northern city of Buenos Aires , 50 kilometers from Pergamino, with a population of about 30,000.

Not Just a Casino

The inauguration was co-chaired by Minister of Public Works Gabriel Katopodis and Salto Mayor Ricardo Alessandro as part of the Heritage Infrastructure Plan, which envisages the implementation of 152 works and projects , for the restoration, reuse, preservation, and enhancement of cultural assets, buildings, and historic monuments across the country.

According to the ministry, Salto will invest 872 million pesos in 14 road connection and infrastructure works and projects; urban and rural; care; integration of water resources Management is evolving.

Casino turned cultural center


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    This text describes the transformation of a former municipal casino into a local cultural center in Salto, Buenos Aires. The restoration work includes various improvements to the building’s structure and infrastructure, and the inauguration was part of a larger plan to preserve and enhance cultural assets in the country.

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