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Footage where cards can be seen: Another scandal a...

Hustler Casino Live has been providing some cool poker content lately as well as some interesting scandals. Unlike the legendary J4 competition, this story takes place outside of the HCL, but organizers invite players to participate in the broadcast.

Two on-air regulars Nick Airball (real name Nikhil Arcot) and Wesley Faye have accused their show colleague, who goes by the nickname Mars on HLC, of ​​planning to cheat at home games.

So far, this story looks cooler than a Hollywood blockbuster. According to Nick and Wesley, Mars attended a private tournament in California, where he brought his own deck. He also wears special glasses that allow him to see through all the cards.

Marrs earned about $3,000,000 in one year with his Bond gimmick, according to prosecutors.

According to Wesley Mars, bring your own deck and invite the dealer to the game, and play two to three times a week. Wesley said he lost about a million dollars playing these tables. The con man himself remained profitable at $1.6 million, while his other two employees made about $1.5 million.

“We asked him: Why did you bring a deck? After the game we found the cheater’s deck. “This is a really good cheating deck that you can’t buy. But we went into a very dark room and used ultraviolet light, and that’s when we saw the numbers on the back,” Wesley said.

Mars’ accusation came during the Las Vegas F1 race proposed that Wesley received a free hotel room worth $400,000 at the time. The defendant denied all speculation in private conversations. He also did not publicly confirm or deny the speculation.

Wesley and Nick There is no doubt that Mars is fraudulent. However, an interesting question remains: does he carry a deck of cards to every game, or do high rollers use the same cards all year round?

There are no answers to these questions either, but Hustler Casino Live does such an accurate job of estimating who deserves to be invited to their shows.

Footage where cards can be seen: Another scandal a...

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  • Emily.ondricka

    This text discusses recent poker content and scandals at Hustler Casino Live, focusing on accusations made against a show colleague named Mars for cheating in home games with a specially designed deck and glasses that allow him to see through all the cards. The text leaves the question open as to whether Mars carries the deck to every game or if high rollers use the same cards all year round, but commends Hustler Casino Live’s ability to accurately select deserving participants for their shows.

  • This text discusses a scandal involving accusations of cheating at poker games by a show colleague at Hustler Casino Live. The story includes details of the alleged cheating tactics and the large amounts of money involved, adding an element of intrigue. The text also raises questions about the use of the same deck of cards in high-stakes games and the criteria for player selection on the show.

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