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KSOP GGPoker: Severo Neto is the PLO Winner

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Casual Player Severo Neto Be...

One of the smart decisions at Sunday’s KSOP GGPoker Premium was the PLO, with several big names at the final table. The person who finally came out and wrote a really cool story with it was a casual gamer. Brasilia’s Severo Neto is happy with his title.

The recreational player ran the race without pressure throughout, overtaking a formidable opponent in the final to reach the podium. Severo won the 1,500 R$ buy-in out of 85 entrants and, in addition to the famous trophy, had R$ 30,500 in his account.

Severo had a great time and didn’t hide his delight at the win: “It’s a remarkable achievement, a beauty. I really like KSOP. It’s the second time I’ve won Omaha .I won in Balneário before and now I’m winning again. It’s very good,” he said of the excited champion.

Always in high spirits, Severo was at the final table in Omaha with several big names. Marcelo Gadelha, day one chip leader Lucio Antunes and Daniel Gadotti were among those left behind. During the tournament, the heads-up opponent was professional player Gustavo Tatith, “Fincão”, a player who was fighting for the ranking of the sport.

In the end, “Fincão” won the championship. The heads-up began, but Severo never let up. With no pressure, the casual player won pot after pot, turning things around and never losing his lead. He took the win shortly after the race started and walked away with a nice prize. He spoke of his victory in a good mood.

“I’m a recreational athlete, really a recreational athlete. But we really scored,” joked the champ. Then he spoke more seriously, complimenting his opponent. “My opponent was very skilled and professional, wasn’t he? But in the end I was luckier than him,” concluded the winner. Severo also has his sights set on the rest of the series.

“I’m just here for this PLO, Senior and Main Event. Now I’m going to play the rest and hopefully win.”

Check out the final table prize pool:

1. – Severo Net – 30,500 reais2nd Place – Gustavo Tatis – R$21,0003rd place – Matias Ariel – R$15,0004th place – Leonardo Hishitoni – R$10,5005th place – Daniel Gadotti – R$7,5006th place – Rosilene Ferreira – R$5,4007th place – Lucio Antunes – R$ 4,0008th Place – Marcelo Gadelha – R$ 3,000

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Casual Player Severo Neto Be...

SCPT: Allan Godinho is the PLO Turbo 6Max Champion

Veteran Allan Godinho wins SCPT Event #2 PLO Turbo...

On the first day of the SCPT stage, there were two races to choose from, one of which was played in the many-favorite PLO4 format. With a buy-in of R$200, many players got into arguments and simply let the guaranteed prize pool of R$5,000 disappear. In the end, Allan Godinho, “Big Alan” from Team Folks Poker won the championship trophy.

The tour regular showed all his experience in Omaha and didn’t pay attention to the 31 opponents who stood in his way. The winning prize is R$ 2,400 and there are 55 races in the competition. The amount raised was R$11,000.

Allan Godinho faced a very qualifying event last month, packed with regulars from the Santa Catarina state poker scene. Throughout his career, he has excelled in turbo-structure competitions to seal the victory.

In the heads-up match, Alain Godinho faced a strong Carlos Roberto and finished second for a total of 1,550 reais. The podium was completed by Anderson Freitas, better known as “Cobaia”. He cashed 1,150 reais for the bronze medal.

Check out the SCPT final table payouts:

1 – Allan Godinho – R$2,400

Veteran Allan Godinho wins SCPT Event #2 PLO Turbo...

Barbero Wins Again, Takes $235,000 in Las Vegas

Barbero Wins Again, Takes $235,000 in Las Vegas

Nacho Barbero has been in Las Vegas for a few weeks now. He’s only here on day one of the World Series of Poker and he hasn’t stopped smiling since. Other than some cash prizes, WSOP 2023 treated him pretty badly.

The Americas Cardroom The Pro The team has played a lot of expensive games, but so far without any major results. But that fortune changed, and while it didn’t happen in the World Series, the $235,000 prize was a spectacular bomb for him in the Contribute to the huge record in 2023.

Barbero made the most of Friday’s Day 2ABC after playing in Day 1C of the WSOP Main Event on Wednesday and qualifying for Friday’s Day 2ABC Thursday’s $10,000 High Roller series will take place at PokerGO Studio at the Aria Resort & casino.

Nacho Barbero reveals his daily life in Vegas on his Instagram.

Nacho was disgusted that he beat Ian BradleyIan Bradley, which took home the $235,000 grand prize, which took home $213,000 in prize money.

The deal was made at 6am, so such a deal, at this stage of the game and Day 2 ABC of the Main Event ahead of us this Friday The race was the best option for Barbero, who once again showed his quality and, by the way, improved his mood after some poor results.

Barbero Wins Again, Takes $235,000 in Las Vegas

WSOP: Nik Airball Finishes 1st Without a Turn and Finishes the Main Event

Did you see a ghost? Nik Airball finishes top 3 in...

Across the hundreds of tables on the second day, one of the most impressive hands in the official report was played by one of the most open players in the US right now: Nik Airball. He made a very difficult fold to survive the WSOP Main Event.

The situation at the time was this: despite four players in the hand, the board still showed the turn card. The Hustler Casino Live star requested a table from the small blind. The big blind was Portuguese Nuno Duarte, who bet 6,000 in chips. He gets called by a UTG player and sees another fold. In response, Airball raised the stack to 17,000.

Did you see a ghost? Nik Airball finishes top 3 in...

Spaniards falexroya and daniguanche666 lead red cards on PokerStars SuperMonday

Spaniards falexroya and daniguanche666 lead red ca...

Daily Regular Tournaments are the stars of PokerStarsSuper Monday.

The Room with the Red Spades has organized 9 tournaments with 5-figure prize money and €180,000 in prize money. Two of them ended with Spain winning.

falexroya” won the €10 Bounty Builder (€1,403.32) and “daniguanche666” won the €10 Bounty Night (€2,333.92).

With these two victories, La Roja took a total of 18wins in the MTT yesterday. These are Monday’s Spanish winners:

  1. “dematola” (PKO €10).
  2. “carlitri66” (PKO €5).
  3. “antoniopub” (Ultra KO €20).
  4. “Daziacheese” (SuperStack €3).
  5. “fer_pu86” (PKO €1).
  6. “fer_pu86” (PKO €1).
  7. “carlico 1” (SuperStack €5).
  8. “angelmr” (SuperStack €10).
  9. “falexroya” (Bounty Generator £10).
  10. “daniguanche666” (Bounty Night £10).
  11. “imludo” (Omaha H/L €10).
  12. “vazquez_88 rs” (Bounty Generator £50).
  13. “chingula 19” (£20 for Super Monday midnight express).
  14. “NikoDiss” (PKO 1 Euro).
  15. “Imprentero5J” (SuperStack Turbo £5).
  16. “cookcapitan” (PKO €10).
  17. “imapikas” (SuperStack Turbo €10).
  18. “imapikas” (SuperStack Turbo €10).
  19. “Tatiana2006” (PKO €3).
  20. “mal umbre sbar” (Hold’em NL 3 €).

The Spaniard won 2doubles (marked with an asterisk in the list), the balance in the HU was favorable for our team: 16 won, 14 second.

Today we will be back in the conference room for the regular tournament schedule. VGL, in Spanish!

Responsible Play. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play poker online.

Spaniards falexroya and daniguanche666 lead red ca...

WSOP 2023: Andres Korn Gets Bracelet Alert In Event #19

WSOP 2023: Andres Korn Gets Bracelet Alert In Even...

Andres Korn is the only Argentinian to have both a World Series of Poker bracelet and ring. On Friday, June 9, he will attempt to become the first Argentine to have two championship bracelets.

Event #19 No-Limit Hold’em WSOP Freeze Out 2023 begins Wednesday, June 7 with 1,139 players and a $2,500 entry fee. The prize pool of $2,534,275 was distributed among the top 171 entrants.

Yesterday, the second day of play took place with 144 players remaining and Cacho started off in 14th in chips. In the end, with just 11 players left, Andres finished third with 4.7M (48 big blinds) and was eventually dismissed.

These are the 11 players still on the roster. Running:

  1. Qiang Girish Rekmar 🇺🇸 – 4.2M
  2. Timothy Miles 🇺🇸 – 3.7M
  3. Ankit Ahuja 🇮🇳 – 3.5M
  4. Ankit Ahuja 🇮🇳 – 3.5 million
  5. Adam Swan 🇺🇸 – 3M
  6. Valentino Konakchiev 🇧🇬 – 2.4M
  7. Ruben Costa 🇺🇸 – 2.1M
  8. Niall Farrell – 1.7M
  9. Byung Eun Shin 🇰🇷 – 1.4M

All prize pools guaranteed starting at $26,926 and blinds starting at $50,000 /100,000 to start. The event will continue at 12pm 🇺🇸, with PokerGO Live starting at 4pm 🇺🇸.

These prizes will be awarded at the final table:

Lots of lucky Kajo!

Photo: PokerNews

Source: WSOP. com

ITM by Lodato, Vizzotto and Campomar at Wynn Summer Classic

ITM by Lodato, Vizzotto and Campomar at Wynn Summe...

Three Argentinian players managed to cash in at the Wynn Summer Classic at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas yesterday: Milton Lodato, Franco Vizzotto strong> and Javier Campomar.

This is a $1,100 NLH event with a guaranteed prize pool of $1,500,000, 3,737 entries and a total prize pool of $3,624,890 that is guaranteed More than double the bonus.

Franco Vizzotto was eliminated first and finished 229th for $3,075. This is his third prize at Las Vegas 2023, after he also won $809 in the $400 Daily DeepsStack and $890 in the $400 Wynn Daily. He played Day 1A of the WSOP Gladiator event and entered Day 2 with 580,000 chips.

Franco Vizzotto

Milton Lodato Finished 72nd and took home $10,800. He also picked up three cashes in Sin City, finishing 109th in the $540 Nugget Event and 498th in Day 1A of the WSOP Gladiator Event for $481.

Milton Lodato

Javier Campomar is the height of the championship The longest Argentine finisher, who finished 46th, won $13,400. It was his fourth cash in Las Vegas after finishing 201st on Day 1A of the WSOP Mystery Million for $1,327 and 325th on Day 1B of the WSOP Mystery Million for $1,161 , and finished WSOP Gladiator Day 1A in 356th place for $601.

ITM by Lodato, Vizzotto and Campomar at Wynn Summe...

Elgrito12 and Lantowin Lead Red in PokerStars Super Thursday

Elgrito12 and Lantowin Lead Red in PokerStars Supe...

The main highlight of Thursday on PokerStars is the Regular Tournament. The Red Spade Room has organized 7 tournaments with 5 figure prize money. Two of the games ended with Spanish winners.

elgrito12” won the Thunder’s €50 title and took home €3,114.45.

And “Lantowin” won the main competition of the day, Super Thursday Night of Stars €250, and took home €4,676.46.

If you win this count Yesterday, La Roja had a total of 20 victories in the MTT. These are Thursday’s Spanish winners:

The Spaniard gets 5doubles (marked with an asterisk in the list) ), and HU‘s balance sheet is good for our team b>: 15 victories vs. 12second place.

These are Thursday’s most important results :

Today we’re back in the room with a regular tournament schedule. VGL, in Spanish!

Responsible Play. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play online poker.

Elgrito12 and Lantowin Lead Red in PokerStars Supe...

WSOP 2023 Day 10: Daniel Barriocanal loses his bracelet in a brilliant heads-up match

WSOP 2023 Day 10: Daniel Barriocanal loses his bra...

Daniel Barriocanal

Daniel Barriocanal Picks Strongest Strategies to Navigate the UnknownIncluding $1,500 for Event #15 of the 2023 World Series of Poker Day 3 of the 6-a-side tournament.

His name comes up several times in this episode, as the executioner or the discarder, but always in full force. The pot he won put him in a comfortable seat and led to the final table.

Daniel’s closest opponents were Rafael Reis and Sarah Herzali, who ended Day 2 with the chip lead the dominance of the The Spaniard lost some ground against the two favorites before disrupting the FT during the dinner break.

With food in their mouths, as they say, Reis beat Herzali for immortal value on the river to win the tournament pot. It was all going Reese’s way, but Daniel managed to concede his last two eliminations of the tournament and close in on the leaders before the heads-up fight.

Reis dominated the heads-up match and opened up a clear gap between the two teams. It was too late for him to celebrate the nearby bracelets, and when he read the punt he thought he was the winner, fear played a dire role on him.


Event #15: $1,500 6-Max

Rafael Reis – $465,501 (2,454 players)

  1. Rafael Rice $465,501
  2. Daniel Barriocanal $287,679
  3. Sha La Hazali $207,720
  4. Nicolas Angelou $151,559
  5. John Monette $111,755
  6. King Grant $83,289

Event #16: $25,000 8-a-side

Isaac Haxton – 1.698.215 $ (301 Spieler) Isaac Haxton – $1,698,215 (301 players)

Sixteen years at that fabulous PCA Open final table Afterwards, Ike Haxton officially retired from the great no-bracelet category for which he was honorary chairman for many years.

At a star-studded final table like Brian Rast, Darren Elias or Joao Vieira, The leads would alternate, sometimes with dizzying speed, as in a three-handed table, but in the end the bottle was pointed at Haxton, as the streak was such that the American had ten podiums in 2023 And get six victories.

Event #17: $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo

Jim Collopy – $262,542 (1,143 players).

“MrBigQueso”‘s third bracelet completely changed his career. This is the most extreme shift, from an online grinder to a bracelet hunter in a hybrid game. With the win, he took home 80 cash and $1 million at the WSOP, a series of milestones for the festival.


On a busy day at the WSOP, the Poker Gladiators once again gathered over 4,500 players to create the atmosphere in the Common Room , and two other races brought cash prizes for Roja.

With a $2,500 freeze, the three of us made it through the bubble that ended day one.

Javier Gómez gab mit diesel ITM sein Debüt bei der WSOP 2023, während beide Adrián Mateos und Jorge Ufano sind zum dritten Mal an der Kasse. Javier Gómez made his WSOP 2023 debut with this ITM, while Adrián Mateos and Jorge Ufano won the box office champion for the third time.

When the lottery was drawn, Justin Bonomo and Adrian came to the cashier again the night before, only this time the third part of the table was not Phil Helmus, but Jorge. The loss to Amadi made it difficult for the financier to stay in the tournament.

The difficulty of the table has been confirmed. Cool preflop against the great @Amadi_17 QQ vs AK and he got K. I abandoned him. I have 360,000 left (23 BBS) which I take to the phone booth and call 112. I’m glad he’s at least the one who took my chips.

— Jorge Ufano (@JorgeUfano) June 8, 2023

Just before the draw for the last two tables, A Derian lost a flip. That’s only a third of a decent stack and shouldn’t cause any major problems, but he hasn’t won any pots since then and ended up in 16th.

In the end, Pablo Cobo and Jose Manuel Planells used up their $1,000 PLO bonus on day 2 of Event 21, but at least they made it past the bubble period.

  • 259°. Pablo Cobo $1,602
  • 125°. Jose Manuel Planell’s $2,463

Today’s Spanish Expedition heavyweights Back in the starting lineup of new high rollers, $50,000. We won’t miss the WSOP Daily Chronicle this weekend to tell you what’s going on there.

What’s happening starting today, June 8?

Event #18: $300 Poker Gladiator Day 1CEvent #23: $50,000 High RollerEvent #24: $1,500 Razz

WSOP 2023 Day 10: Daniel Barriocanal loses his bra...

2023 WSOP kicks off with Nacho Barbero in 25K six-handed event

2023 WSOP kicks off with Nacho Barbero in 25K six-...

The World Series of Poker, the most anticipated festival in the world, where thousands of pros and casual players try to push the boundaries, make history and win more bracelets than money itself. The glory that exists in the book. Like Nacho Barbero, he’s already bracelet in his stats, but he’s aiming for more.

That’s why the Argentine is on the trip from Vienna to Las Vegas on Sunday, and he will sit at a table in a hotel in Paris this Tuesday as the tournament is over. Moved there and will start with two events: Traditional Event #1, a casino-staff event with a $500 buy-in, and Event #2: $25,000 High Roller Six-Hand No-Limit Hold’em , starting in three days, accumulating 150,000 credit chips and a one-time re-entry possibility. Post-registration is available until Day 2 begins.

2023 WSOP kicks off with Nacho Barbero in 25K six-...

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