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Dwan lost a US$9M pot: “He handled it like US$300”

Dwan lost a US$9M pot:

Incredible hands, wan loses $9 million pot: “He handled almost $300.”Jean Bellande introduced the game during a televised cash game, and one of his players confirmed the story.

In a recent high-stakes poker tournament on Poker, players not only played incredible hands, but also told a story Amazing story. LegendTom Dwan facingAndrew Robl Inside a million-dollar jar said to have been found eight years ago in Ivey’s room at the ARIA Resort & Las Vegas Casino. result? Robl won an impressive $9 million pot.

Andrew Robl is one of the legends from the golden age of online poker. He has won over $5 million in live tournaments.

Jean-Robert Bellande

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Robl recalls the big win with emotion, and other players were equally impressed. “It’s a $9 million pot,” Andrew added, surprising the entire table. “This is the biggest pot I’ve ever won in a cash game,” Robl said, smiling like a man who remembers such a meaningful moment.

Even the professional players at the poker table at that time, such as Daniel Negreanu, Jennifer Tilly and Stanley TangThey were speechless when they heard this story. Tang laughed and said that he thought this kind of thing could only happen in Macau. According to JRB,Dwan handled the situation like he was losing a $300 pot. He just said, “Andrew, take my chips,” and asked for a new $1 million to continue playing.

These moves have left poker fans hanging. It’s exciting to see the best grinders in the world compete against each other and share stories about situations like this, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for TV Cash Games!

Dwan lost a US$9M pot:

Los Angeles PT Panama: Mario Del Valle brings victory to Guatemala

Los Angeles PT Panama: Mario Del Valle brings vict...

At the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) in Panama, Mario Del Valle showed off his skills as he notched two victories in one day instead of one. From the start, Del Valle showed his skill and determination to qualify for Day 2 of the Main Event.

Final table.

This Saturday, Del Valle returned to the poker tables at the Sheraton Crown Casino at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Panama with unwavering determination. Not content with just making progress, the Guatemalan pro entered the Freezeout event and defeated 38 players to claim the coveted title. His victory earned him $8,350 and his first trophy on the LAPT Tour.

“I’ve been playing in the LAPT since 2008, but this is my first championship,” Del Valle revealed cheerfully. “I’m happy, winning is always a pleasure. Even if it’s not a big prize, it’s a title and a trophy,” cheered the enthusiastic champion.

Del Valle praised the prestigious event and shared his reasons for participating in Panama. “The tournament has a great reputation and Panama is very close to Mexico. Traveling to Brazil or Uruguay is very difficult because they are far away. Panama is an excellent choice and attracts a lot of Mexican players,” he explained.

For Del Valle, the road to the championship is not easy. Despite having only 15 blinds during the dinner break and one of the shortest stacks, his determination and skill allowed him to take the chip lead early on at the final table.

During a critical period, Del Valle encountered talented players, including Brazilian Caio Hey. In a thrilling matchup, Hey finished third, with Del Valle facing Brazilian Marcelo Júnior in the final showdown. Although Del Valle got off to a bad start, he quickly took control of the game.

The last move sealed the victory. After 865 losses, the finalists bet all in. With more chips, Del Valle hit 99 against his opponent K5. With nothing changing on the turn or river, Mario Del Valle’s victory was assured.

The champion humbly wishes to dedicate his victory to those he loves. “I want to dedicate this win to my family, who have always supported me throughout the game, and my girlfriend. It is difficult for people around me to accept poker so easily, but my parents have always supported me and are Integral part of it,” concludes Del Valle.

Event #06: NHL FreezeoutPurchase price: $800Number of Submissions: 38

Final Table Results

1. 1st Place: Mario Del Valle – $8,350Second place: Marcelo Inácio Júnior – $5,780Third Place: Caio Hey – $3,680Fourth Place: Juan Barattini – $2,820Fifth Place: Viviana Bustamante – $2,210Sixth place: Fabian Balboa – $1,720

Los Angeles PT Panama: Mario Del Valle brings vict...

Timothy Adams ends Thorel’s prime, Juan Pardo finishes sixth in Triton Series London Main Event ($970,000)

Timothy Adams ends Thorel's prime, Juan Pardo fini...

Champion Timothy Adams

Juan Pardo finished sixth provisionally at the final table in the $125,000 buy-in Main Event of the Triton Series of Poker in London, But no progress has been made.

Maybe this is not the expected ending of “the most important final table of my career” as defined by Juan himself, but it is achievable against the backdrop of dominant quality cards Best result received in the race by Jean-Noel Thorel.

The millionaire French 500 club member knocked out Doug Polik AA against KK with KK, James Chen in his special Next on the list is Juan, the FT’s most frequently beaten hand.

As you can see from the infographic, Juan opened with KK and Thorel raised with AA. It was Stephen Chidwick’s turn and he decided to 4-bet. Daniel Cates dropped his JJ and the ball returned to Malaka’s pocket.

Jean-Noel Thorel called all-in before John could make a move. Before it was his turn to speak, Juan decided to put his KK on deck. Chidwick called the 5-bet with AK and lost two-thirds of his stack.

Malaka’s big fold didn’t get him any position, as a few hands later, Juan saw the door open, stole a stack of chips, and then KQ squeezed in together. His money was paid by a planned robber.

Guess who? Torel, of course, which hand is he holding? Ace, there can’t be anything else. Juan finished sixth ($970,000) as short-stack Lun Loon had been eliminated long before then, albeit not in the hands of the Frenchman, and thus was not mentioned.

Thorels Pairs’ performance continued with QQ against Chidwick’s 77, although he had the same information as Juan at hand, which cost him a lot of points and ICM, but it seems personally that Thorel gave Malaka the advantage and Facilitating the Spaniard’s all-in, blocking of course forced Chidwick to fold, saving him a lot of points. He missed Jean-Noel’s hand as he left the table, although he was personally disappointed that he didn’t find Pardo’s fold.

Who can stop Torrell? Not Isaac Haxton who gave him more leverage. And Dan Cates, who was eliminated by Timothy Adams ahead of HU.

The Canadian faces a chance of winning a second Triton Main Event, no matter what he is already a Jeju Island champion in 2019. The stakes were bigger than this one, $4,185,000 vs $3,513,000, and HU couldn’t have gotten off to a better start after flopping his 43 BB. High 6, hits both, and “Tim0thee” kicks better.

The two engaged in tense rounds for the 20M stack, in which Adams seemed unable to get used to Thorel’s play, as he admitted in an interview in which he spoke as the winner.

Sorrell seemed to be working his magic again and the final hand started 99-88 in his favour. Something happened all night, but the unexpected 8 came on the river. With Adams now 4bb ahead of Thorel, he was named Main Event winner.

Juan Pardo and other finalists like Daniel Cates, Lun Loon or Thorel and Adams himself are interested in the new tournament, Event #13 60k $8- Max, and continue racing until the end of the day.

All of the above were part of a group of 35 survivors from 106 contestants, a group of 70 unique players, none of whom were Juan’s compatriots.

Malaka, who is 21st, just behind Phil Ivey, will once again appear in front of the cameras of the Triton series, which will be televised from the London Casino at its usual 3:00pm time.

Timothy Adams ends Thorel's prime, Juan Pardo fini...

CEP Barcelona: Find out all the details about the main event

CEP Barcelona: Find out all the details about the...

The countdown to another Convention of Spanish Poker (CEP) at the Casino de Barcelona has begun and all eyes are on the Spectacular Main EventUp Judging.

This main event will be held on the 15th. Play until August 20th, buy-in 500€(436€+14€+50€)over 5 departing flights(Day 1A, Day 1B, Day 1C, Day 1D and Day 1E Turbo) and Starting Chips 30,000 chips.

The tournament features Big Blind top 10 levels get antes during late registration and Unlimited re-entries. The dead zone is 50 minutes, and for Day 1E Turbo, the dead zone increases every 20 minutes.

Any player who successfully advances will face off at the table again. Day 2 begins Saturday the 19th, while the champion will be announced on Day 3, Sunday the 20th.

Additionally, from Friday the 11th, there will be several live satellite races with a buy-in of €100 + €15 at the 15-minute level Winning awards a starting chip of 10,000, Unlimited re-entries, and late registration up to level 6. Day 1 and these satellites have the opportunity to register online here in advance.

The last CEP Main Event held at Casino Barcelona in February had 1,339 registrations It became the second-largest Main Event in the track’s history, behind only the August 2019 Main Event at the venue, which had 1,733 entrants.

Barcelona Casino CEP Details

The Spanish Poker Championship (CEP) presented by PokerStars is scheduled to begin August 11th Yes Six games. In addition to the Main Event there are Opening Event (€330), Mystery Bounty (€660), Mini CEP ( €200), Second Chance (€330) and High Roller (€1,100). You can find all the details here.

CEP Barcelona: Find out all the details about the...

An attempted robbery of the Texas House of Cards almost ended in tragedy.

An attempted robbery of the Texas House of Cards a...

An attempted armed robbery at the Texas Card House facility near Houston early Thursday morning resulted in a dangerous and near-fatal scene. A security guard was reportedly shot multiple times during an altercation at a poker club on Cypress Road in Spring, Texas. The PokerNews website later confirmed that the injured officer was “in stable condition” and luckily did not have any life-threatening injuries.

The House of Texas Cards is one of the most important centers of the American poker community.

In the first report from, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez provided initial details. According to the investigation, the incident occurred around 6 a.m. when “several suspects” broke into the chart room with the intention of robbing.

The security guard, whose identity has not been identified, reacted boldly and tried to stop the assailants, resulting in a contentious shootout. The defender was shot in multiple places. Fortunately, no poker players or other employees were injured in the altercation.

Authorities immediately secured the crime scene and are actively investigating the case. The armed attackers managed to flee the scene, but no arrests have been made so far. A group of four ambushed security in what is likely to be a robbery attempt, according to a confidential source at The House of Cards in Texas, although access to the premises has not been confirmed.

Despite being wounded, the guards managed to disarm one of the attackers, but his actions sparked a firefight from other members of the group. Investigation is ongoing.

With six locations in Texas, including Dallas and Austin, the Texas Card House is a landmark for poker lovers. The Spring plant is one of two plants in the greater Houston area. Law enforcement is on high alert and is working to resolve the attack, protect those responsible, and ensure the safety of all players and staff at future events.

An attempted robbery of the Texas House of Cards a...

WSOP Paradise, the first expansion of the circuit since WSOP APAC, will take place in the Bahamas.

WSOP Paradise, the first expansion of the circuit...

World Series of Poker The morale boost that the management of the World Series of Poker received from the outstanding numbers at the summer festival was reflected in the surprising announcement of a brand new festival: WSOP Paradise

“This summer has been an unprecedented success, but the vision for WSOP Paradise is equally ambitious. We have some of the strongest online partners in the world ready to send a record number of Live tournament qualifiers. Atlantis also has a long tradition in poker and we believe this combination can give us the strongest new franchise for years to come. Many players say Las Vegas Summer is the best time of year. We think only Winter in Paradise can match it.

GGPoker is fielding 774 players to the WSOP Main Event this summer and is committed to sending at least 1,000 more WSOP Paradise.

The WSOP’s first international expansion came just a few years after the Moneymaker boom. WSOP Europe started in 2007 and added African and Australian festivals a few years later , which was consolidated into a festival called WSOP Asia Pacific (APAC) and eventually remained on the occasional calendar.

What remains of the frenetic business events of a decade ago Next up is the International Division of the WSOPE and WSOP Circuit, no small feat. From 2023, there will be a new “overseas” festival. The chosen location has many legends and is very Pay attention, as dates, resorts and symbolism are very important in this announcement.

The World Series of Poker is coming to the Bahamas!

In After a record-breaking summer, the WSOP is launching a new live poker series, WSOP Paradise, at @atlantisbahamas this winter, featuring 15 bracelet events and $50 million in guarantees.

Can’t wait Want to see you…

— WSOP – World Series of Poker (@WSOP) July 17, 2023

The court will be located at the Atlantis Bahamas, the PCA’s historic home since it was hosted by Pokerstars.

The announcement will be made by Daniel Negreanu and Bertrand Grospellier , who have been the face of Pokerstars for many years, exactly those years when their adventures in the Caribbean were most relevant.

But the most surprising thing is the chosen date 3. until December 13th.

No need to check the calendar often to know that these dates coincide directly with the big Pokerstars festival EPT Prague, on the calendar The classic event, which “overlaps slightly” with another event organized by the WPT, is relatively new but strong, the WPT World Championship, making its winter format debut as a live tournament The largest guaranteed tournament in history and was immediately considered a serious contender for the main event in the second half of the season.

The WPT Championship may not consider EPT Prague despite their ambitions to attract many top players from Europe, but they aim to directly compete for the player-centric local market. However, the push that the WSOP – especially its partner GGPoker – dared to make against two of the other strongest operators on the circuit would not stand up to such excuses.

More than superficial, my impression is that the WSOP doesn’t want to stop undercutting the WPT, which has rightly come out of the world to win at the confluence of Las Vegas summer festivals Winning a championship and finding a date to play another holiday season has huge growth potential to make a big splash in the holiday season.

WSOP Lays Groundwork for New Festival With Three High Rollers, $1,500 Mystery Bounty, $5,000 Main Event and $15 Million Margin, theoretically anyone who wants to take part in both festivals can do so and encourage more European players to cross the Atlantic. But that didn’t stop the restrictions on the tournament, it resulted in players with smaller budgets having to choose to play in one of them, and the schedule could change at any time, turning friction into conflict.

We’ll see if the WPT and WSOP can implement the formula and host a second annual US tour, but Las Vegas and the Bahamas may be too far apart to imagine idyllic coexistence.

WSOP Paradise, the first expansion of the circuit...

WSOP in the Bahamas

WSOP Heads to Bahamas for First Time in History

Historically, the World Series of Poker has only been held in two locations: the American edition in Las Vegas and the European edition in Rozvadov, Czech Republic. However, the collaboration between the WSOP and GGPoker is breaking new ground.

For the first time, the festival comes to the popular country, the Bahamas, to the paradise island of Atlantis. The location, long favored by PokerStars for its PCA station, will now host the World Series of Poker.

This unique festival will run from December 3rd to 14th this year and will award 15 gold bracelets. Things could get pretty heated leading up to New Year’s Eve as many players see the paradise of Atlantis as the perfect place to play poker.

The full schedule has yet to be announced, but GGPoker Ambassador Daniel Negreanu (PokerOK Russia), did reveal some details.

The projected 15 events certainly include $25,000 in GGMillions, a $1,500 mystery bounty and a $5,000 Main Event with a prize pool of $15,000,000. The two major sponsors are likely trying to bring high rollers together under the guise of the WSOP, and as Negreanu hinted in his statement, some expensive tournaments are on the agenda, including $50,000 and $100,000 events.

Whether all events will be guaranteed remains to be seen, but KidPoker is promising at least $50,000,000 in tournament prize money over 11 days.

“GGPoker is delighted to launch WSOP Paradise and welcome you with hundreds of players.” “We are coming to Atlantis Paradise Island from all over the world this December. It will be an absolutely amazing experience, the best poker game at one of the most luxurious resorts in the world,” Negreanu said in a release.

However, the WSOP Europe will not be cancelled. The European portion of the World Series is traditionally played in Rozvadov from Oct. 25 to Nov. 16, after which players have a few weeks off before scheduling their next “bracelet” game.

So it’s going to be a busy year for live poker at the end of the year. In the last days of July, Triton Poker takes place in London, at the end of August, most of the poker community comes to EPT Barcelona, ​​in October comes to EPT Cyprus, in November and December, you have to choose between EPT Prague and the WSOP .

WSOP Heads to Bahamas for First Time in History

Casino turned cultural center

Casino turned cultural center

Often the opposite is the case, perhaps local or abandoned buildings being converted into casinos. However, the story of Salto in the northern province of Buenos Aires is atypical, with the former municipal casino transformed into a local cultural center.

The restoration work will include removing the existing subfloor and installing a waterproofing, plastering the entire building and repairing joists and slabs where required.

Additionally, in addition to the interior and exterior, storm drains were replaced, new grilles were installed on the patio, the window and frame opening system was repaired, and a New water storage tank. Building exterior painting.

The inauguration of the former casino.

The architecture is unique due to its style and its location one of the most emblematic of the city, in the tourist area on the banks of the Salto River in the northern city of Buenos Aires , 50 kilometers from Pergamino, with a population of about 30,000.

Not Just a Casino

The inauguration was co-chaired by Minister of Public Works Gabriel Katopodis and Salto Mayor Ricardo Alessandro as part of the Heritage Infrastructure Plan, which envisages the implementation of 152 works and projects , for the restoration, reuse, preservation, and enhancement of cultural assets, buildings, and historic monuments across the country.

According to the ministry, Salto will invest 872 million pesos in 14 road connection and infrastructure works and projects; urban and rural; care; integration of water resources Management is evolving.

Casino turned cultural center

The Game Plan book review by Matt Matros

Books: A Review of The Game Plan by Matt Matros

This month we’ll be discussing Matt Matros‘s new book titled “The Game Plan” subtitled “How Recreational Players Became a Threat in No-Limit Hold’em Tournaments”. We voted it one of the best books of the last year.

Matros has three World Series of Poker bracelets, 36 of them, three of which came when he finished 78th in the 2008 Main Event. During his career, he has earned $2,560,651, with his best finish coming in 2004 when he finished third at a World Poker Tour event in Las Vegas for $706,903.

The purpose of this book is not to help the reader gain cashing positions into live tournaments more frequently, but to help the reader build up his stack gradually, increasing his chances of reaching the final table and winning big.

The “game plan” is based on three key ideas:

  1. Be aggressive and take the initiative.
  2. Discard bad cards.
  3. Think more about your own cards than your opponent’s.

In order to stick to the plan, the author proposes 35 simple rules that players should follow in the tournament. They seem like a lot, but some are related and easy to remember. For some rules, there is a list of hands that you can play based on the action, stack size and position of the hand.

The book is divided into three main parts:

Each section has a large number of example hands to help you Better understand concepts and apply rules. Additionally, Matros analyzed 13 hands he played in the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas during his career, examining the results of applying or not applying his rules.

For the final chapter and as additional material, three famous hands are analyzed: Tonking and Newhouse in the 2014 WSOP Main Event, Cooler between Negreanu and Hansen in High Stakes Poker in 2006, and The first poker hand between Mike and Teddy KGB in the movie “Rounders”.

Who will use this book? It is aimed at those participating in live tournaments, but the rules also apply to cash games and online tournaments. I think this book will be useful for those who have trouble getting cash, those who can get cash with a small pile of cash, and those who make a small amount of cash but struggle to make it to the final table. I think this book will help them improve on that.

This is also an ideal book for those taking their first steps on the live tournament circuit and planning to play their first WSOP Main Event or a WSOP Main Event to play in the near future . The strategies suggested by the authors provide a good foundation that players can adapt to their own playing style and the opponents at the table.


  • Title: “The Schedule: How Recreational Players Can Become a Threat in No-Limit Hold’em Tournaments.”
  • By Matt Matros
  • Language: English
  • Year Publication: 2019
  • Pages: 152
  • Price: $10 e-book, paper book $30
  • Amazon Rating: 4.4 out of 5
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.4 out of 5
  • Pokerlogia Rating: 8 out of 5 10 points

This book is available on Amazon.

Books: A Review of The Game Plan by Matt Matros

Asians and High Risk, Synonyms for Action

Asians and High Risk, Synonyms for Action

Triton Series returns with great success and is expected to wow viewers once again with premium content on their YouTube channel. If you’re not familiar with the format of these exciting high-stakes games, you should know that they are short slots, usually consisting of five episodes, recorded on tour in different countries.

Elton Tsang wins Super High Roller and pockets $12 million.

This time we’ll assume it’s a $1,000/$2,000 cash game with $2,000 blinds (BBs) and each player has bought a starting stack of $200,000. However, in order to understand what we’ll see on screen, it’s also necessary to explain how stand-up games work, which is a tendency of these kinds of shows to make them more interesting.

To encourage action, all players agree that whoever ends up winning the pot must pay each opponent $5,000. At the start of the side bet, players start standing up and sitting down to win the pot. The last person left will lose their stake.

To avoid the inconvenience of standing still, in this case the player who won the pot will be dealt one card, and the player who has no more cards will be dealt one card. Receiving them fails By. In order to receive the card, you must present your card. Explained this to Calvin Lee at the beginning of the game, and explained it to Paul Phua when he joined the game. When only two or three players remain to win the pot, the game’s impact on the development of the game becomes apparent.

The starting lineup is impressive. They performed alongside French billionaire Karl Chappe-Gatien, who only attends Triton series events and private matches. Then there’s American pro Calvin Lee, 2016 WSOP bracelet winner. America’s Card Room CEO Phil Nagy and Elton Tsang joined the table. Monte Carlo $12 million freshman prize winner. We also have Jiang, an unknown Chinese player whose name has not been revealed, and Tan Xu, another experienced short deck player. The final lineup also includes Vivian Yang, a player we haven’t seen yet, and Triton series founder Paul Phua, who is about to join the second track. High Stakes

This Triton series game combines excitement and flair to provide viewers with an unparalleled poker experience, as shown below.

Asians and High Risk, Synonyms for Action

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