An attempted robbery of the Texas House of Cards almost ended in tragedy.

An attempted robbery of the Texas House of Cards a...

An attempted armed robbery at the Texas Card House facility near Houston early Thursday morning resulted in a dangerous and near-fatal scene. A security guard was reportedly shot multiple times during an altercation at a poker club on Cypress Road in Spring, Texas. The PokerNews website later confirmed that the injured officer was “in stable condition” and luckily did not have any life-threatening injuries.

The House of Texas Cards is one of the most important centers of the American poker community.

In the first report from, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez provided initial details. According to the investigation, the incident occurred around 6 a.m. when “several suspects” broke into the chart room with the intention of robbing.

The security guard, whose identity has not been identified, reacted boldly and tried to stop the assailants, resulting in a contentious shootout. The defender was shot in multiple places. Fortunately, no poker players or other employees were injured in the altercation.

Authorities immediately secured the crime scene and are actively investigating the case. The armed attackers managed to flee the scene, but no arrests have been made so far. A group of four ambushed security in what is likely to be a robbery attempt, according to a confidential source at The House of Cards in Texas, although access to the premises has not been confirmed.

Despite being wounded, the guards managed to disarm one of the attackers, but his actions sparked a firefight from other members of the group. Investigation is ongoing.

With six locations in Texas, including Dallas and Austin, the Texas Card House is a landmark for poker lovers. The Spring plant is one of two plants in the greater Houston area. Law enforcement is on high alert and is working to resolve the attack, protect those responsible, and ensure the safety of all players and staff at future events.

An attempted robbery of the Texas House of Cards a...

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